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Dorothée Perret spring / summer 1999
Perret decided to get away from the customary runway show format, placing her designs throughout the space instead. Video clips were projected, cocktails were served and models wearing her creations moved among the guests. The forms are conceived as arrangements of different elements to be combined according to the wearer’s mood. Many items have elastic bands to hold them in place on the body without interfering with movement. These garments, with their muted colours and many buttoned openings, invite the wearer to experiment with their multiple possibilities. oxane:

Kyle Thompson

Dale Frank

[Rothko exhibit at the Whitechapel Gallery, 1961; photo by Sandra Lousada]

Whispers. (by ~mala-lesbia)

this seems so perfect

two stage transfer
Dennis Oppenheim

Liu Wen photographed by by Txema Yeste for Antidote Magazine Fall/Winter 2012: The Animal Issue.

Pencil on paper portraits by No Thought Swordfish